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Welcome at Ciclostudio!

January 30 2016, we’ve been looking forward to launch our website and today is our day!
This website has been built to share our passion for classic (vintage) steel bicycles, components, accessories and cycling history.

We are blogging under the pseudonym of “Ciclostudio” because we like the privacy of having a persona that’s separate from an actual one. We are based in Belgium and we are committed to providing high quality information and photography to fellow collectors and bicycle enthusiasts.

We will be blogging about bicycle projects, restorations, collections, and basically everything related to bicycle history.

Next to bicycles, we are fans of minimalist designs and the “less is more” philosophy. That probably explains why we have a strong preference for classic track bicycles. The track bike is the bicycle in its purest form: simple and elegant. Clean and minimal.

We are fanatics, we are collectors, dreamers & storytellers…
Ciclostudio is sure to be treasured by all who appreciate bicycle aesthetics and the magnificent work of master framebuilders and manufacturers.

Stay with us and join us for a digital tour through the wonderful world of cycling history.

We welcome your feedback, suggestions and comments!

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  1. Amazing website!!!
    Clearly designed by and for the true enthusiast who loves the bicycle, but also the people and stories that go with it!

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